How to apply a Vinyl Decal to your Vehicle (or other hard surface)

Step 1: Clean the surface

Cleaning the surface of the point where you will place your decal is important to proper adhesion. Without a clean surface, a sticker won’t stick.

The dirt will cling onto the adhesive backing without ever reaching the actual surface of the car, and will either slip straight off or will peel off much sooner than you want it to.

Use: a light soap or rubbing alcohol.

Don’t use: anything that will leave wax or any other residue.

Step 2: Determine placement

It’s fairly easy to determine where on the car you want to place the decal- a well-viewed area is your best option.

However, deciding the exact placement will require a little measurement. First measure your decal, then measure the placement area to determine the center. This ensures the decal won’t be off kilter.

Use: a ruler, measuring tape, level, or other straight edge devices to ensure that your decal is aligned and centered.

Pro tip: Mark the measurements/angles with painter’s tape.

Step 3: Peel

If the decal is shorter than the length of a forearm, you can peel off the decal’s entire backing to get to the adhesive.

If it’s larger, then only peel a few inches. This’ll make it easier to handle and keep the decal from picking up dirt.

Step 4: Apply

Using the tape markings as your guide, place one edge of the vinyl decal on the vehicle and begin to smooth it out with a straight edge, such as a paint scraper or credit card.